My name is Leeran Farin.

Leeran Farin

Software Engineer


Computer Science Major

About me

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(5) [ "Cell Phones", "Computers", "Real Estate", "Reptiles", "Basketball" ]

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(16) [ "ReactJs", "NextJs", "Git/Github", "ExpressJs", "PostgreSql", "MongoDB", "AngularJs", "NodeJs", "Firebase", "GraphQL", "Sanity.io", "Prisma", "Sequelize", "ChatGPT", "Algolia", "TypeSense" ]

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(4) [ "TypeScript", "JavaScript", "C++", "Java" ]

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(1) [ "counterparty-node-client" ]

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(4) [ "Udemy's The Web Developer Bootcamp (Jan 2020)", "The Modern JavaScript Bootcamp (Mar 2020)", "CUNY Tech Prep Fellowship Cohort 7", "CodePath Intermediate Technical Interview Prep" ]
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A young software professional with a passion for animals, self-improvement, and real estate. My first interaction with a computer was setting one up at 6 and creating my first email on a dial-up connection. Ever since then, technology has always been something I have loved and followed. A hobby of mine is following the cell phone industry and how it evolved over the last 10 years, which has proven to me that technology is not just the present but also the future.

At 18, I was in my second year of college and decided to get my Real Estate License. Within a year of working rentals in the heart of Midtown NYC, I cracked into the top 10 salesmen for the month, out of close to 200 agents in the company at the time being among the youngest. From there, I chose to go with my true passion, learning more in-depth about the things I love, Computers.